Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

This year is going to be extremely hard, BUT I can do it! I would have been due this Tuesday with my lil bundle of joy that God called home back in Sept. I know everything happens for a reason, and I accept that and will not dwell on it today.

The things I have learned from my kids:

* They love to interrupt you when- cooking.... taking a shower...peeing.... taking a nap... talking on the phone... LOL!! but I am reminded that they are doing JUST fine!! I wouldn't trade those moments for anything.. did I mention.. having to pee while I am in the shower.. fighting while I am on the phone.. lol!! seriously.. every time.. but again wouldn't trade it for a thing..

* They love me unconditionally. Whether I am having a very bad day or a great day. They love me more than I can ever imagine! (But I love them that much more!)

* Never take them for granted. I am very lucky to have 2 GREAT, INTELLIGENT, and HEALTHY kids. They make me very proud of who they are and who they are becoming.

* The word "mommy". It can be used MILLIONS of ways. And each way has it's own meaning, and I wouldn't change a thing. Especially when Cody SCREAMS MOOOOOOM! all I have to do is say "Tiff". ha ha! (poor girl stays in more trouble when he screams that!)

* You don't have to spend money to make them happy. My kids are some of the few that just appreciate everything we give them. They enjoy our family time. I love to hear, "are we going walkinmg today"? although they have to talk me into going, I know they love going somewhere with us, and it doesn't cost a penny! and we get "quiet, family time" something noone can ever replace, and they can get into some deep conversatons on those walks.

Those are just a few things. But those kids light up my world daily. yes we have our ups and downs but I wouldn't trade a thing. HECK.. I'm trying to have more kids! I never thought I wanted them until my "oops" happened and we call her Tiffany, and about 6 months into that, I decided I wanted a whole bunch of those lil curtain crawlers! I had 2 perfect pregnancies, when I was younger, and have the best 2 kids I could ever ask for! They are Christians, they love the Lord, do great in school, and value our family! (and pray nightly that mommy has another baby, healthy this time Lord and HURRY!! that is words from them! PRICELESS!!!)

I will call my mother today, it will be short and sweet, and I am not in much of a relationship with her, as she is an alcoholic that refuses to get help, and I refuse to let her bring me down on our day!

I hope each of you sit back and enjoy the day with your families. If you are a mom, Happy Mother's Day to you!! If you are trying, like me, hang in there, it'll happen when it's meant to!

Have a GREAT DAY!!


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