Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I hope everyone has had a fabulous new year thus far!
I have been sitting around thinking, and have decided.. I'm gonna turn this whole TTC thing around! I am gonna focus on losing the weight that I started the blog doing, since this is the 1 thing that I CAN control. I figured if I had a positive attitude, and the weight starts falling off, then that would help in the TTC process, and I would not be stressed at "trying" to have a baby. I know when its right in God's eyes, then I will have 1.. that is something I know.
I officially kicked this off on yesterday, Monday Jan. 25th. (I wrote this down, so when I look back and read my blogs, I can find the date that I started.) I am doing the Biggest Loser on the Wii and walking at LEAST 3 miles a day, and doing wii fit. I am SOOO very determined.

Also, on a very different note. I am asking for prayers for several people that I know. I'm only gonna give 1st names. A girl that I went to school with, tried to commit suicide, somehow.. in the process, the gun moved and shot her jaw.. she has a long recovery ahead, but she is alive. Amy is her name. But the ENTIRE family is needing prayers, as well as the friends, everyone is taking this very very hard.

A friend of mine's father in law is not doing very well. He was diagnosed with cancer and they are not giving him very long to live.

At my work, they laid off 10% of the work force Sunday. I am saddened for the group of ladies that I work(ed) with. I feel so guilty that I still have a job although they do not, and quite a few of these ladies have been working there longer than I have.

Sorry to leave this on such a sad note. But these things are laying on my heart, and prayer is VERY VERY powerful.

Have a Great Week!