Wednesday, February 24, 2010

talking to God

Today I went to my church, and had a LOOOONG talk with the preacher. I am tired, VERY TIRED, of being depressed. I was able to talk to him about why I'm so depressed, and I think in the back of my mind, I'm thinking that I will NEVER bear my husband a child, and when I do, I will miscarry it. I was very honest with him. I told him that I am scared to death, and that I love my husband more than words can say, and my fear is not having his baby, and then our marriage fall apart because of this. I also told him that jamie is ALWAYS telling me that, "when God is ready, we will have our own". But that is SOOO hard for me to accept, although it is ABSOULTELY right. Even Bro. Mark said that! I left there feeling very refreshed. And trying my BEST not to even think of it! Now, with that being said, I went ahead and called my OB, just to clear the other part of my mind. I asked her nurse what time frame do I need to start worrying about anything. She said if I wasn't pregnant by the 1st of next year to give them a call then they will do a HSG (make sure my tubes are clear) FANTASTIC .. now.. I should surely be able to rest every night, and KNOW that when its time I will have my hubby's baby.

Now, about lent. I grew up Baptist, so this is a WHOLE new world to me! And, extrememly hard! I gave up refined sugar, which means I can have NATURAL sugar ONLY! Hard, very very Hard. and Yes, I think, I have now showed the world that I am CRAZY!!!! I have lost 10 pounds since Ash Wed.!! I am soo happy about this! I have about 18 more to go to be where I was when I had my surgery last year to have a tubal reversal. I have not started exercising yet, I will start that on the 1st. I have not really wanted anything that I can't have, which is really good! Let me remind you what I CAN'T HAVE!! No ice cream, no sweet tea, no cokes, no cake, no cookies, you get the idea.. LOL!! But, I can have fresh fruit! which is a great thing!!I have found that was eating out of either, boredom, or depression. So, that has COME TO A STOP!! :) thank you very much!!

We have had snow on 3 different occassions since Christmas I believe! It was rather beautiful this morning. It was coming down nice and slow and it was just a beauty beyond words, especially being way down here in the south. (for the record, I am usually at work when this happens, and today I actually got to see it)

Thanks to all of you for being my support through this blog, facebook, and emails, I appreciate it sooo much!

Have a Great Week!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've decided to come out of hiding! haha!!

A co-worker and I decided we were going to do Lent together, as we are both Methodists, and this will be our 1st year doing it. She is going to donate the money to haiti that she would normally spend on her lunch. (Great cause) AND I am going to cut out ALL "refined" sugar. No cakes, no sweet tea, no sodas, no hard candy, you get the point unless its sugar free. And since you know me so well, it'll have to be low calorie and low fat. Its going to be a challenge, and I'm soo up for it! I think this will kinda get me on the diet where I need to be. and I will HAVE to focus to be able to do it. I also think, I can lose a few pounds doing it. I will have to load up on LOTS of fruits and veggies, and migraine pills.

You can bet on Easter Sunday though, that I will have to have some chocolate, but curious to see how I'll hold up, since my birthday is in march. I reckon I'll have to find a recipe online to make my own cake.

In other news, my daughter has started her confirmation training. I am so excited, as my mother in law is her mentor, and I don't think she could have picked anyone better to fill those shoes! I truly hope she gets out of that class EVERYTHING that she can. And that she can grow stronger in the Lord, and know that He is always here for US.

I hope everyone is doing great! Just thought I'd check in with all of you.

Have a Great Week! OH.. and Happy Mardi Gras!!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What are My Chances??

2 of the guys at work have found out in the last 3 days that they are going to be daddy's!! I am sooo super excited for them! Also, a girl I work with is having a boy, and I recently found out that there is a woman at my church expecting, and 3 other "friends" have recently found out they are expecting.

Can someone Please PASS ME THAT WATER!!!


I am hoping they can all "rub" onto me, and we get lucky very soon!

Also.. my son was chosen to go to the regional science fair. I think this is awesome, as I am very proud of him, since he thought and did that project COMPLETELY by himself.

Have a Great Week!