Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've decided to come out of hiding! haha!!

A co-worker and I decided we were going to do Lent together, as we are both Methodists, and this will be our 1st year doing it. She is going to donate the money to haiti that she would normally spend on her lunch. (Great cause) AND I am going to cut out ALL "refined" sugar. No cakes, no sweet tea, no sodas, no hard candy, you get the point unless its sugar free. And since you know me so well, it'll have to be low calorie and low fat. Its going to be a challenge, and I'm soo up for it! I think this will kinda get me on the diet where I need to be. and I will HAVE to focus to be able to do it. I also think, I can lose a few pounds doing it. I will have to load up on LOTS of fruits and veggies, and migraine pills.

You can bet on Easter Sunday though, that I will have to have some chocolate, but curious to see how I'll hold up, since my birthday is in march. I reckon I'll have to find a recipe online to make my own cake.

In other news, my daughter has started her confirmation training. I am so excited, as my mother in law is her mentor, and I don't think she could have picked anyone better to fill those shoes! I truly hope she gets out of that class EVERYTHING that she can. And that she can grow stronger in the Lord, and know that He is always here for US.

I hope everyone is doing great! Just thought I'd check in with all of you.

Have a Great Week! OH.. and Happy Mardi Gras!!!


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