Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gonna try this again.. to hopefully be more clear

When I divorced my ex-hubby, a friend told me NOT to rent an apartment because it was throwing money away. Well... this "friend" is now my husband. He and I dated about a year, and I moved in with him, then we married 2 months later.

His mom and I were talking a few weeks ago, and she mentioned buying a car after we had our house paid off. She built my husband a lil bachelor pad, and that is where we live. We only owe about a year left I *think*.

Well... yesterday, my husband somehow another brought up the "rent". I said the "house note" and he said no, the rent. I said huh?? He said, I told mom that whoever lives in this house will have to pay rent. I was like WTH.. (to be nice about it, because those are NOT the words I said).

I then told him, that he needed to buy me a house.

Am I wrong?? or was I mislead?? he TOLD me way back when, not to pay rent, and that is what we are doing now????

hope I cleared this up a lil...


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