Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the 1 thing I HATE


I found out a few weeks ago that mine and my husbands "place" will be paid off this summer. Supposed to be a Good thing right?? WRONG!!! My hubby told his mother, that WHOEVER lived here would have to pay rent.. WTH?? I just sooo think thats wrong. I lived this when I lived with my mom and step dad, I can NEVER see making my children pay me rent to put a roof over there head!

Hubby confronted me on this today, and thankfully I didn't cry, but very much wanted to. But I told him we HAVE to find our own place, that if I'd known this before, we would have already moved out and bought a house or rented one, whichever be the case

Can ya'll please tell me that I'm right about this situation??? All i need is 1 more thing to stress about in my life :)



The Cochran Crew said...

I'm confused. Y'all will have to pay rent to his parents? Maybe I'm misreading! Love you!

Leigh said...

yes you are absolutely right!!!