Monday, April 19, 2010

dr appt

As most of you know, I had a tubal reversal in July of 09, yep last summer. We got PG the 1st month, yep didn't take very long. WEEELLLLLL... it's been 7 LONG months and we haven't gotten PG again, SOOO because of my age, (36), I decided that I will follow the advice of some friends and make a dr. appt. to see what is going on. I will be seeing my dr. on June 9, to find out what he can do, or what I need to do so we can have a baby.

Please continue to pray for us, it is something this family wants sooo bad. Yes, this post is MUCH BETTER than the previous one!

Thanks bunches,

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The Cochran Crew said...

You are NOT a terrible mom! I'm so glad that you're going forward with this! I will continue to pray for you! Love you!