Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was sitting watching GAC this morning, and I started thinking about my lil bean. A friend of mine that I went to high school with told me, to pray that the bean prays for me. I never thought of looking at like that, since s/he is in my Father's Arms. Then my sister told me to imagine my neice holding them and singing a lullaby to them. (yes that brought tears to my eyes). The point I am making is this, God didn't give me what He didn't want me to have, SOOO...


I decided that I will walk every day, and build myself back up to where I was before the miscarriage. Yes, I said this before, BUT I now have people, FRIENDS, holding me accountable. :)

I do so much better when someone tells me to do something!! I have set a goal to lose 20 pounds before my NEXT vacation, which is July 8. EXACTLY, a year from my surgery last year, and YES it is attainable, and I know it is!

So, I'm going to TRY to post everyday on my blog, my feeling, and what exercises I did, and how long, starting today...

I walked 5 miles, in 90 minutes, and felt really good. may go for another walk later, if I feel up for it.

Thanks to each of you for supporting me!!

Much Love,

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The Cochran Crew said...

Rock on sista!!!!!! And my lil bean is up there playing with yours and showing him the ropes of Heaven!