Sunday, May 23, 2010

cheat day

I had a lil cheat day today.. I was DIEING for some donuts (Krisp Kreme) and then my mother in law made a GREAT lunch.. then went to swim at my sister's house. Had a great time..

My treadmill decided it didn't like me today, SOOO i had to kick in a DVD.. I got in a 2.25 miles walk before we went for the swim, I'm not counting the swim as exercise as I did more laying around than anything. This was the 1st time in YEARS that I put on a swim suit and still surprised that i did..

2.25 miles in 37 minutes and burned 311 calories..

will be going for another walk this afternoon so i will definately update when I get back

ok here are my total... I'm even SHOCKED

97 minutes

5.74 miles

795 calories

i'm super so excited.. especially since my treadmill is NOT working

Have a GREAT evening!!

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