Sunday, August 15, 2010

13 weeks

How far along? 13 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: none so far!

Maternity clothes? not yet, but it won't be long

Sleep: can not get enough

Best moment this week: my hubby making me take a much needed break!

Movement: Not yet. hopefully it won't be long

Food cravings: ice cream! especially dairy queen hot fudge sundae

Gender: it will be a surprise

Labor Signs: no, lets wait on that

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: sleeping on my tummy and not being moody and walking.. it needs to cool off down here in south mississippi so i can get me a walk in!

What I am looking forward to: my next dr. appt next week

Weekly Wisdom: take it easy

Milestones: I've made it through the 1st trimester! YAHOO!!


Patty said...

Yay!I'm so so happy for you! Happy 2nd trimester! H&H 9 months!

Dana said...

Congratulations! Such exciting news!