Saturday, September 19, 2009

I got an award!

Thanks, peasout

1. Favorite smell: a clean child... or hubby for that matters ;)

2. Favorite memory: when I was younger and got my 1st kitchenette.. it is the earliest memory of my childhood

3. Favorite breakfast food: Krispy Kreme donuts or powdered donuts.. and OH how UNHEALTHY they are for you!! ha ha

4. Favorite comebacks: You are NOT right!!

5. Favorite season: Fall

6. Favorite writing utensil: ball point ink pen

7. Favorite Ice Cream: at this moment it is the 100 calorie blue bell ice cream sandwiches

8. Favorite Move to Quote: hmm... blank on that one

9. Favorite Coffee Accoutrements: I don't drink hot coffee, i do the cold ones.. but at Seattle Drip i love the Summit! i'm sure it has caramel, vanilla and who knows what else

10. Favorite Day: Sunday, it is the 1 day of the week, that i have to spend with my kids and family

I pass my award on too.... Sandra , Jennifer , Tanya

These are some MORE awesome girls!
have a great day!

ok girls.. i have a DUMB question! How on EARTH do I make a "tag" thing, not sure how to explain but like I wanted the girls's names above to go to their posts.. Please help me out!!

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