Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Terrible Day

I just need a place to vent.. soooo

I caught my 12 year old daughter lieing to me and stealing from me. I feel like I have failed as a mom. I know kids give us trials and tribulations, heck thats why we have them. I come from a "strong" Christian background, and NEVER would have thought I'd be dealing with this. I whip her and tell her its wrong, but is there a way to "show" her its wrong? I am deeply hurt, I have cried all day, and at the same time I want to know why I think that God would give me more children if I can't teach the ones I already have to do the right thing??? I mean SERIOUSLY???

Am I throwing this out of pro-portion? I'd never done this to my parents, and Lord knows never even thought about it.

On a different note, I am still doing great with my workouts every day, YAY! I walk an average of 4 miles a day. although, the scale is not budging an ounce :( it'll get off me when it gets good and ready, i reckon!

Thanks for listening to me vent, and if you have any suggestions, please send em my way.

Have a Great Week,


Roder said...

I think that there are some people who can be told things and will believe them. There are others whose innate curiosity forces them to learn the lessons through doing. I certainly have found myself in the latter category.

Ultimately as the child grows up they accumulate more experiences, both positive and negative. It's the job of the parent to guide the child to do right and help to correct their behavior when it's wrong. I don't know the severity of your specific lie - in the bigger picture of life perhaps it was inconsequential, perhaps it was major. But as the child ages and becomes more and more her own person and less and less a child she'll probably seek to find some truths on her own.

Handle her well, show her discipline but help her to see WHY the behavior is bad (hurts you, hurts her reputation, hurts the trust she's earning, etc.) and not just the lesson that bad behavior results in a punishment. Ultimately she needs to choose for herself her behavior, so if she understands the why behind the punishment that'll help to affect real, lasting change as she transitions into young adulthood instead of just fearing a spanking for bad behavior.

PeasOut said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day. He never gives us more than me can handle...

Check out my blog, I tagged you for an award!

just me, dawn said...

Great job on the walking, the weight will eentually budge. As for your daughter, I have no personal experience, but I always think putting myself in other people's shoes and imagining it happening to me, makes me reflect on my actions....just a thought.