Thursday, December 31, 2009


I truly hope all of you have a FANTASTIC and HAPPY NEW YEARS!
I hope ya'll made some resolutions that you can keep!

My resolutions are to try to lose the other 7o pounds that i want to get off of me, and do it the healthy way. I was very successful this year with getting the weight off and i look and feel so much better.

My MIL got me a WII for christmas and i LOVE that thing! I burn more calories on it than i would ever expect! and I can continue if we get PG! how exciting is that! I have been on it every day for at least an hour and it burns about 450 calories an hour for me! can you say WOW!! :)

Please all of you have a safe and fun time with your family's!

Have a great week!



Dana said...

That is so awesome! I have thought about getting a Wii, and after reading that you have talked me into one!

Leigh said...

girl! we LOVE it!!! its fabulous.. and i love the fact that it is not repetitive.. i do not do good following directions.. lol... great workout all the way around!