Monday, November 9, 2009


I did good.. logged 2 days in a row and then quit! thats NOT good! BUT, I got back on the bandwagon yesterday.

Here is what I did on SUNDAY 11/8
walked for 4.18 miles
biked for 3 miles
my heart rate monitor doesn't like me so I quit wearing it.

so far today
walked for 3.3 miles will do at least 1 more mile when DWTS comes on
will be for at least 3 miles also when DWTS is on
make 11 laps on the stairs

I am determined to get back into my routine, as it is sooo hard to do once you stop!

Also, we have been a very busy family doing all sorts of outings with the kids, I finally got the piece to my camera to get them on the computer so now I can spread the joy with y'all! me and my honey
the boys
and here is CODY the Cub Scout!

I LOVE the fall season, as the weather is usually perfect for anything and everything! I'm enjoying having all the extra weight off and spending lots of free time with the family!

Have a Great Week!

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