Thursday, July 23, 2009

Diet and Exercise

The dr. told me that I could start back with my exercising..
Sssllllooowwwwlllyyy... so that my body can still be healing. SO, today I am jumping back on the train and getting my body going like I was doing. I'm starting off with a slow walk and increase the intensity, or whatever I feel I can do each day. I have not gained any weight, to my amazement, but that's a good thing, right! I'm thinking that the pounds will fall off the 1st 2 weeks, like it always does, and then be back to normal, which means I'll have to work my BUTT off! ;) Which is FINE with me!
Thanks to each of you for being supportive during this time that I've had so much going on!

Have a GREAT week!



Jennifer W. said...

Here's to prayin that the weight does fall off-but that in a few months you start gaining again-in the form of baby weight! :)

Leigh said...

yes mam.. thats what i'm Hoping for! THANKS SOOO MUCH for being supportive!

PeasOut said...

I tagged you too! See my blog for details!