Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today is my wonderful sister, Leasa's birthday. I want to give her the recognition that she sooo deserves.

As a child growing up, we were always told that one day we'd wish we got along because we would eventually need each other. Little did we know that would very well be true.

We now live about an hour and half from each other and text/talk to each other several times a day. If it weren't for her on some days I would be a wreck and I'm not even kidding. She knows when I am upset at a certain time and will somehow feel it and text me "u ok" or "u quiet, whats up". Ya know, the things only sisters can share.

She has been through a lot in her few years, and it has brought us even closer together than I would have ever thought possible. From, the marriage thing, to wanting and having children. I NEVER wanted kids until I got pregnant with my daughter and now I want a house full of them, whereas, she wanted a houseful and FINALLY got the angel she so deserves 3 years ago.

Leasa, I love you and want the world to know! I hope you have/had a wonderful birthday. It is your day to shine!

On another note. I am stuck on the dang scale! UGH!! I have faithfully been running or walking for an hour everyday, which has been burning about 400 or more calories YIPPEE!! I can actually run for the entire hour! I was so excited the first time I did that. I believe I am stuck because we are all dealing with the cold season around here and it is so hard to eat when you dont' want to, I think I'm not eating enough so my body is holding on to it... when it is supposed to be LETTING go!! ha ha!!
well I hope everyone is doing well
will try to post again soon


Jim ( said...

You said:
"I can actually run for the entire hour!"

Wow! Great!

Cochran Quads said...

Happy Birthday Leasa!!

Rebecca said...

Eating can be harder than not eating more often I would have thought!

That is amazing going with the running.

Lost Half of Me said...

Awesome on the running! And you are doing great on the weight loss. Keep up the good work!