Sunday, December 26, 2010

8 Weeks to GO!!

Yes! I have reached the point that I have been sooo scared of! I have only 8 weeks left.. and so excited!!
Lil Valentine has been moving sooo much, I swear this child is ADHD and It isn't even here yet!!
I have changed my templet up.. but I have a question.. how do I change the colors on the main blog.. AGGHHH.. I just can't figure it out!! please help.. I'll do a 32 week update soon!

Much Love,

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Jennifer W. said...

Leigh, on your dashboard, go to Design, then Template Designer, then Advanced and you should be able at the very least to change the font colors. I don't remember if you can change the background color there or not, but it has to be somewhere close to that. You're so lucky you only have 8 weeks left!! I still have about 12, and I'm already big and uncomfortable! Our baby is a mover too, but I enjoy that so much-they scare me a little when they don't move often!