Sunday, September 5, 2010

16 weeks!

How far along? 16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +1 (this is a total)

Maternity clothes? I've gotten a few! I need to go shopping for some for work

Sleep: not very good.. it's not easy to sleep on my left side whenever I'm used to sleeping on my belly

Best moment this week: it flew by very fast! ( was so busy with work, I didn't really have a "best moment")

Movement: Not yet

Food cravings: pickles and grilled cheese sandwiches.. thankfully not at the same time

Gender: it will be a surprise

Labor Signs: no, lets wait on that

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: having my occasional drink with my hubby.. but it''s so worth it knowing I will have him a baby

What I am looking forward to: feeling the baby move

Weekly Wisdom: take it easy

Milestones: week 20, is the 1 i'm the most nervous about

I go to the dr. in 2 more weeks, so we will get to hear the lil valentine then, I can't wait til lil one starts moving so my hubby can feel it. He talks to the baby every night and rubs my belly before we go to bed, it's very sweet, and takes my breath away!

I hope each of you have a great week!


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