Friday, October 2, 2009

my Dr. office visit

I went to the dr. today, and got all kinds of news.

First of all, we ALL agree the surgery was a success :) ! He was in SHOCK that we got PG the 1st month of trying, and so was I. With that being said. He told me to use protection until after my next cycle. Then he said we can be "active", but not to "actively try" until 3 months, which would be 2 more cycles. That if we got PG before the 3rd month, ok, but Not to really try until that month. So, it'll be all in the "fun" :)

God had/has a plan for me and that baby. I will never know what it is until the day I get to Heaven and see my Father and our baby. I never knew what this pain feels like and it is sooo undescribeable.

At the same time, the Dr. told me to continue on my weight loss goals and challenges. To continue on liveing life as normal.

I just wanted to update everyone. I am doing well considering. I have my moments, but who doesn't and I just let God do what he has planned for me. I truly believe had He not wanted us to have a baby, He wouldn't have provided SOO much for us this far.

Thanks for all your prayers and concerns,

Have a Great week,

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