Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am sooo very impatient with the TTC, and anyone that "knows" me, KNOWS i'm sooo very impatient. I went to the dr. on Monday for another bloodwork and my counts are at 7. I asked my nurse what they need to be, and she said below 2. So, i go back Monday and hopefully they will be where they are supposed to be. I also understand that AF may not show until 2 weeks after my number is at the right place. UGH!!

I am also finding myself very frustrated with this fact. I paid $8500 for a surgery, the 1st PG ended in a MC. and i have to use PROTECTION until my cycle returns. I paid MONEY to have to USE protection.. something about that just doesn't sound right.. and it's really getting me down, TERRIBLY. But, hopefully AF will be here before long, and my life can almost return back to normal.(or the life as I know it).

Please keep us in your prayers, as on some days I cry all day, wanting to know WHY and HOW this happened to us. But, I KNOW that God has full control of this, and I'm slowly healing, and giving it to Him.

Hoping my time after my cycle makes another Positive PG test.

Thanks for hearing me vent!
Love ya,

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The Cochran Crew said...

Vent AWAY honey, that's what we're here for!! I remember vividly doing a round of costly fertility, it failing and having to back it up with birth control......FRUSTRATION!!! We're here to listen! Love ya!