Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing Golf!?!?!?

My hubby is an avid golfer... Hence this picture...

He came up with a really WILD idea that I come with him and the boys that he works with! Well, I did, and had a goofy ole time with them. I had more fun chauffering, get lil sun, than I did actually playing golf.. How u suppose to hit that lil ole ball.. anywho.. lol!.. we still laugh when we think about me up there! The one thing he did though, was get the camera and take a few shots, well, I never noticed he had it, when I uploaded the pics of the day, I asked Who the girl was in the picture below!.. he says.. "HONEYBUN, that is YOU!!!" I started crying.. I can really tell that I have lost some weight, a LOT of it in fact, and it took a picture for me to SEE it! I had happy tears of course! i promised a pic, its not a good one, but one that you can tell i am 55 POUNDS DOWn!!!! YAY me!!

Ya'll have a GREAT WEEK!!


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