Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well.. I always give bad news first, so here it goes..
Jace (my hubby's cousin that was in an accident) passed away Tuesday, on his 23rd birtday. It is probably the greatest gift anyone can receive, to be sitting in Heaven with the GREATEST person EVER!! His services are this weekend, if you can please say a lil prayer for us, we have been spending loads of time with his parents and his sister.

My appt. was on wednesday. Well, I just KNEW that he would do an HSG test to ensure that my tubes are open, and he said, "Leigh, your tubes should be fine, as you did conceive the 1st month after your surgery". I guess he knows what he is talking about since he is the doc. He put me on Clomid. I take 50 mg a day on days 5-9 and will do this for 6 months. then after 6 months if we don't get pg, then he will do a HSG test.

I just wanted to fill all of ya in!

Hope ya have a Great Week!!

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The Cochran Crew said...

Okay, who did you see? I know those aren't Dr. K's orders. Facebook me ASAP, please! That scares the paaaa-geez-us outta me!